Relocation Astrology — "Get the Whole New Automobile, Not only the Headlamp"

Transcript of a Teleconference with Relocation Astrologer, Cait Benten, July 23, 2004
Cait’s note to audience: I chose to publish the dilemma and respond to segment of the teleconference since it included essential questions you might need to check with me about relocation astrology (that is: frequent astrology using an emphasis over the generally-missed, still important, locational elements.)
CAIT — I feel ended up all right here on the decision now. Many thanks for dialing in.
Let’s get started out with a quick concern and solution session in advance of we look at your unique charts and do a some real relocations.
So, anyone who would like to speak, you should go on and check with me any queries you'd like.
BRIANNA — Cait, hi, and thanks for inviting me. I’ve read this kind of astrology named “astrocartography.” Is Astro-Earth-Relocation the same as astrocartography?
CAIT — Hi, Brianna. I identified as my enterprise Astro-Earth-Relocation, because I like the concept of bringing relocation astrology down to earth — to really make it grounded and sensible.
My own specialised region, which is named relocation astrology is an rising company.
Relocation astrologers examine the start chart of somebody, just like “typical” astrologers, but then we glance at that same chart Situated to diverse parts of the country and, often, other sites on this planet.
Relocation astrology is lots a lot more advanced and — from my working experience — a whole whole lot additional helpful and worthwhile than astrocartography.
Brianna, Have you ever at any time seen an astrocartography map?
BRIANNA — I had a type of astrology maps operate off from a pc a number of yrs back. But I couldn’t understand it.
CAIT — Astrocartography charts were actually well-known a several years back. I had one of them back again while in the nineteen eighties.
Now I possess the Specialist program to create those same line-maps. But I really don’t utilize them very often.
When you check out my bio on the web site you can read about my private encounters — properly, they have been type of disasters — in advance of I acquired “the ropes” of relocation astrology. I innocently counted on the data about the astrocartograpy chart to generate big moves across the nation. Permit’s say I acquired relocation astrology the tricky way (laughter).
So now, as a professional, I function Using the wheel charts.
BRIANNA — Okay, thanks, I have my birth chart in this article before me.
CAIT — As I and other astrologers discovered, The simplest way to function with a birth chart concerning relocation is to really “transfer” or “roll” the entire chart wheel — one such as you have there, Brianna, divided into twelve sections, or residences — to other latitudes and longitudes.
Then I diligently review every single depth in the “new” wheel charts for financial move and all one other Life style areas you’re in search of, for example: associations and the good experience of currently being “in the home” in that location.
Regretably, you will discover the so-named astrologers showing up with Web sites that provide “relocation astrology stories.” I’ve requested a couple of copies off the online, just to examine them out.
The negative information for those who purchase Those people would be that the computerized “relocation reviews” are lacking Practically every little thing a professional relocation astrologer appears to be at. By way of example, we focus on the 2nd property and its planetary contents and also the fourth household and its planetary contents. And that’s just To begin with. There’s nothing at all much about All those crucial homes on one of many “cheapy” relocation reviews from an automatic Site.
Computerized relocation reports may very well be correct, Nevertheless they show Klikni ovde you only a small, very small tiny part of the relocation chart story.
It’s form of like….you purchase on your own a new auto…and the vendor provides one headlamp and lets you know, “In this article’s the new motor vehicle you sent for!.”
We’ll it might be a superb headlamp. It would be the most effective headlamp on the earth. However it’s just a headlamp.
The remainder of your new car is obviously missing in action. The new headlamp, by by itself, can’t get you any place.
As being a relocation astrologer I do all I'm able to to — by full, comprehensive procedures — produce “the whole new vehicle” for you.
It’s many work. It’s sophisticated. Often it’s disheartening. But the results are satisfying to my purchasers. And I like doing it.
IAN — Do you've got a favourite customer you could possibly explain to us about?
A.. Absolutely sure. I keep in touch with my consumers just as much as is possible. So I could Present you with dozens and dozens of results tales, Ian.
Ummm, Certainly, I've one that concerns thoughts. And it’s a good one, because she suits the age and occupation profile in the participants on this teleconference.
I’ll show Delta top blog you a couple of young business enterprise Qualified girl who was living in the Dallas, Texas, region. And, to guard her privacy, I’d prefer to get in touch with her “Cassie.”
“Cassie” was experiencing a very negative time, a devastating divorce and she or he was also going through downsizing at her job. Double whammy. Cassie was almost on the “end of her rope” emotionally. As well as, she was considering being in problems fiscally.
I checked out Cassie’s beginning chart — which transpired for being abroad — and after that checked out her chart relocated to her town in Texas.
Upcoming I searched for her “greatest locations.”
From the relocation standpoint, Cassie’s delivery chart really shifted into emphasis economically and looked excellent socially when I “placed it” in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
And there actually weren’t almost every other great selections I could come across due to some hard planetary areas unique to Cassie’s chart.
Colorado Springs turned out to become a lucky crack, due to the fact Cassie usually loved to go to the mountains up in that area.
Right after our relocation session, Cassie obtained Tremendous excited about putting collectively a whole new existence for herself. She went appropriate into action and — the moment her divorce was ultimate — she moved to Colorado Springs.
Cassie contacts me by e-mail every single several months to report about Assembly new pals And the way distinctive her daily life is now she’s residing in a spot that actually works for her.
If we had loads far more time, I could go on and on with fantastic customer stories. Yet one more rapid question, after which you can Permit’s look at your charts. Ok?
MATT — Cait, what do you delight in most about your do the job?
CAIT — I really like accomplishing what we’re undertaking tonight — taking a look at the chances to enhance your daily life experiences by way of relocation astrology. I’m blessed by incredible consumers who Get in touch with me every week and by the chance to be of ovde useful company to excellent people today.
All correct, so now, many thanks for your inquiries. Enable’s get out your natal charts and begin thinking about them in terms of the areas you’ve lived and people locations you’re keen on…..
(At this point the group commenced a charting session by phone and Net messaging).

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